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DC Comics unsubscribes from me

Sunday, April 5th, 2009
Stikfas Bats
Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr

I’ve been very silent lately for one reason (plus I could have sworn I posted a version of this a few months back).  I was a DC fan.  My pull list consisted of Blue Beetle,  Robin, Nightwing and Birds of Prey, a few bits of Batman and Booster Gold.

With the insufferably bad Crisis on Finite Batman storyline, which, back in <a href=>June 28 2008</a> I called the Jezebel Jade storyline. (She had the double – a villain and copped a ManBat fridging), I quit the BatFranchise.  Then the rest of the BatFranchise quit me.  The complete waste of death of Batman actually depressed me at the technical story writer level.  The Death of Batman should have been a central story arc for the entire DCU, and not some complex footnote in the story arc of Crisis 2009.

Like I said back then, DC needs to hire writers. Teams that could make the death of Batman something that fundamentally shook the core of the DCU, made every non-metahuman character reconsider their role if Batman, the best of the human, could be beaten, how could they deal? Plus, since Batman was so universally influential, his death by a team of supervillians would elevate those villains threat profiles astronomically.  Also, consider the competitive rivalry amongst the DCU villians now these clowns were responsible for the take down of the greates Detective ever… could Lex Luthor stand the humiliation? Would the Arkham Asylum inmates feel cheated of their revenge and seek new targets? How many Batverse villians would find their motivation waning now they weren’t challenging Batman? Would victory drive Joker sane?  All these and more could have been the dawn of an awesome era of story telling.

Instead we have Dick versus Tim versus Jason versus Randy Orton  in “Battle for the Cowl”. Oh, and Steph Brown being sacked as Spoiler. Again. Because that worked out as a clever story arc last time.


Wake me when Bruce comes back from the dead in 12 months, and somebody learns how to make BatBrat Damien interesting.

Since  now with all bar one of my regular comics stopped at the publisher side, and there’s a sequence of fearfully dull crossover arcs infecting the DCU,  I’m fishing around for a new franchise.  I’m not too keen on the Marvel Universe and I have routinely had problems following the internal logics of their universe

Anyone have anything positive/negative to say about the Wildstorm franchise? Specifically Gen 13, Stormwatch: PHD, Authority, and Wildcats?

Anything good in the IDW franchises?

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PS: re Batman “No Case Just In Case” clause.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

There’s no case for a case for Batman.  After all, we can’t prove he’s really dead.  No body in Gotham, and are we really going to accept mummified remains served Sunny(Dark)seid up as the Dead Batman From The Gotham Incident?

Besides. Mister Miracle got out of that Omega Death Dimension, and he doesn’t even have that whole track record of being killed repeatedly by the infinitely powerful Joker from Superman: Emperor Joker. (Yes, I remember that. Featured an awesome use of “Oof Sock and Pow”. Back in the day when you could rock the four colour panels. BACK IN THE DAY). Since Hypertime and FiniteCrisis on Infinite Crossover (Year Zero? I lost track) means all alternate universes are connected to the main timeline… it counts.

So. No corpse (there was a funeral for Steph with a body. A body Bruce forgot to validate was Steph’s. Not that a guy who had the whole “Well damn, looks like Jason’s coffin’s case was empty all along” would fall for the fake burial move twice.  No sirree. Not twice. Not after carrying a DEAD JASON TODD out of the ruins of a factory… oh nevermind)

In short. Can’t be sure he’s dead, therefore, can’t justify a case

Don’t blame me, you’re the one who started it. We just wanted a memorial case, and you gave us the reason to deny a Batman-in-a-jar.

DS ((The Grumpy)

(PS: If Blackest Night kills Wonder Woman, you really need a new Wheel of (mis)Fortune for central casting)

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The Goddamn BatRobin Bobbin? WTF COSTUME?

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
One Part Batman, One Part Robin

One Part Batman, One Part Robin = No Part good idea

I will alway refer to the Batcowl + Robin costume as The Bobbin.

Okay. Okay. This is hard.  I know you’re leaving me. You canned Robin, sacked Steph again (after only recently reinstating her in such a canon jarringly bad way), killed Bruce is such a hysterically bad way, canned Blue Beetle just before his big silver screen push and you’ve probably going to quit Booster Gold on me.

DC, we’ve been through some rough times, some good times, and now there’s this.  You’ve made it clear you want to dump me, and this time, I’m out.

Screw you DC. I’m leaving you for medium with less painful stupidity, and better costume choices.  I’m moving in with the daytime soap operas.

Designated Sidekick out.

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Final Crisis 6

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

That’s all I have to say that ain’t more spoilery than Steph’s costume design notebook.

Just… I can’t believe the sequence of events leading into the “Big Twist Surprise Spoiler”.  Unless, y’know, Marvel tripped and poured a bucket of Skrull on the Final Crisis Timeline.

Can Superboy Prime take up Timestream Boxing again?  This ending is delightfully hysterically wrong, and needs its own reboot.

ETA: A link to the spoiler filled pages in question.  Oh my canon! Grant Morrison, you silly goose. I can’t believe you did that so…badly.  Like

PS. Marvel did it better.

Reaction to Robin 174

Sunday, June 1st, 2008
Stephanie as Robin. Promotional art for Robin vol. 2, #126 cover, art by Damion Scott.

Image via Wikipedia

Can we have a case for the fourth wall? It seemed to have died in that episode. (cf:Batman (aside to camera) “And that’s why there was no case” *winks at camera*)

I’m in mixed feelings.  I’m on record as wanting the case more than Steph’s return. Partly because, well, I didn’t want to retcon Batman from “Worlds Greatest Detective” to “World’s Second Rate Detective”.  Let me tell you about the time Batman couldn’t prove that his nearest and closest medical ally smuggled his former Robin out from under his Batnose.  Let me tell you about the way he bought Leslie’s alibi about killing Steph without question. Let me show you the way that Batman would totally not worry about another sidekick comeback from the grave.  Let me show the way the as fabulous as it is to see Stephanie Brown back in the canon, back in the mask, and back from exile, it makes Batman look seriously… not Batman.  C’mon, they didn’t even check the corpse? WTF? For serious?  Batman is allegedly so paranoid and meticulous he’ll do weird isolation chamber meditation, but totally forgot to check the body in the box belonged to someone who had the wherewithal to break into the Batcave and steal one of the big secret game plans to trigger War Games?

Flipside, I have many many reasons to feel happy at seeing Spoiler back. I just have a large number of reasons to feel that the tidying up of a plot point before BATMAN: RIP (Retcon In Progress) was handled in a quite weird manner.  So, yay! Spoiler! and WTF Batman?

I would like to see two things from the Batfranchise though…

  1. Tim’s relationship with Bruce become strained over “Oh, I suspected but forgot to mention it” particularly in light of Batman 676.  Please tell me that someone at DC has a Batfreakingplan to write about this (or kill off Batman before it’s resolv…. oh yeah, BatmanRIP. Crud)
  2. Steph back in the franchise. Let’s not make this a one shot “There you go G-W people. Now STFU”.  DC, invest a bit in Steph’s return.  Run with it, make something of it.  Give Spoiler fans a reason to spend more money with you

Speaking of the crossover arc of doom. I’m giving Batman:RIPtide a three issue margin of error.  If they break out the fridge on Bruce’s girlfriend, then Steph or no Steph, I can’t keep giving money to a company that’s creatively bankrupt in the hero motivation department.