The Goddamn BatRobin Bobbin? WTF COSTUME?

One Part Batman, One Part Robin

One Part Batman, One Part Robin = No Part good idea

I will alway refer to the Batcowl + Robin costume as The Bobbin.

Okay. Okay. This is hard.  I know you’re leaving me. You canned Robin, sacked Steph again (after only recently reinstating her in such a canon jarringly bad way), killed Bruce is such a hysterically bad way, canned Blue Beetle just before his big silver screen push and you’ve probably going to quit Booster Gold on me.

DC, we’ve been through some rough times, some good times, and now there’s this.  You’ve made it clear you want to dump me, and this time, I’m out.

Screw you DC. I’m leaving you for medium with less painful stupidity, and better costume choices.  I’m moving in with the daytime soap operas.

Designated Sidekick out.

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