Apparently, all us comic book critics who critise “the sexy” look the same.

Word on the street is there’s an exclusive club.

So exclusive, the founder doesn’t even get to join.

It’s a draftee only affair.

You don’t actually get to volunteer in the traditional sense, you’re drafted by committee of one, and only after strict membership vetting procedures.

I refer of course, to Misty Lee’s comment

And you know, also, someone raised the point in, I don’t know if it was in a forum I was reading but it’s something I’ve heard a million times before – but usually, the strongest and loudest protest over sexy things come from ugly fat girls.”

Okay, here goes my audition.


Here’s a short list of problems I have with the “sexy”

  • The Sexy is used to justify misrepresenting both comic book characters and content of the comic books when used on the covers
    • See also the dismissal of any part of the comic book buying population that pays money for your product as “outsiders” because they don’t want bondage scenes on the book covers for teenage comics
  • Trying to expand the readership of comics by BRINGING DA SEXY TO THEM by… wait, does anyone actually believe that? That comics are putting the sexy on for women by having muscle bound men do manly things?
    • If so, why are these beefcake men with their rock hard pecs and their toned abs totally flat groined? Steroids only cause shrinkage of the testicles (tho, as my reference site puts it “won’t do your pants package any favours” is a good description of being male in comic books) All packaging, no package.
    • See also putting signs out with “CHICKS WANTED FOR TOTALLY NOT SEXIST COMIC BOOK READERS CLUB” on the door, then having “YOU MUST BE THIS SEXY TO ENTER” signs in the entrance way after they’ve been charged for the door price
    • See also opening another comic book club called “THE CHIX ONLY COMIC BOOK CLUB”, decorating in pastels and pinks, and naming it after a derogatory slang term for women, and wondering why the women who wanted to read about superheros aren’t thrilled to be thrown out of the superhero comic book club to a club that still doesn’t serve superhero comics.
      • Responding to said complaints with “Go read manga”
      • Then complaining when manga sells more.
  • The sexy is so narrowly defined as “Stuff for heterosexual men” that it causes a major freak out when a non erect penis appears on a cover….
    • Since y’know, comic book covers are about the sexy.
    • And there’s nothing sexy about a penis.
    • And if there is something sexy about it, it’s called yaoi
    • And if there’s something sexy about yaoi it’s that chicks dig yaoi.
    • And the fact that women constant get to look at the anatomy of other women if they want to read comics, but it’s the end of the universe as we know it for a man to see another man’s penis in artistic rendered underwear… dudes, seriously, WTF? Has it occurred to you that maybe if you’re this freak by seeing another guy’s concealed crotch, you might want to start asking yourself how happy women are about the constant pantyshot-o-rama of drawing comic book women. Maybe, just maybe, we could stop focusing on the crotchwork of the comics and start focusing on the actual crime fighting stuff and superheroism?
    • And the fact that if I was Citizen Steel, I’d be asking for an outfitting from the Gray Nicolls Cricket Protector series. This is the armour worn by men to play a game of cricket. I’d be unwilling to fight crime in much less than some of the hardware on offer here. Especially the Abdo Guard. That would have to be the minimum starting point for armor plating.
      • [Disclaimer: I'm not a share holder in Gray Nicolls. I've just had the luxury of having been wearing one of their guards on the occassions where I was stabbed in the crotch in the course of a fencing bout and during a martial arts contest. Having been kicked in the groin with the guard, and with out, I can tell you, they make quality armour that does the job of keeping your parts isolated from the other person's attacks.]
  • That the sexy is so important it involves see how much anatomical detail of a women’s crotch area you can put into the art work as a challenge (eg Huntress’s navel (I haz link! YAY! Well, yay for the link, not the content of the link. Seriously. don’t have the links to the art handy. Commenters? If you could be so kind)
    • The sexy is the reason books are selling to young men, and young men are getting their access to the sexy via the drawings of older men.
      • The sexy totally justifies the thought process that goes into thinking that the purpose of a comic book is to sexually arouse teenagers.
      • The sexy totally justifies selling soft core porn to underage markets in the guise of action hero and crime fighting. It’s really, not a comforting thought to know that female characters are intentionally drawn as masturbation fodder for teenage and preteen boys.
      • The sexy is totally not connected to the sleaziness of the above two statements. It’s the sexy, and it’s sexy and it’s okay because it’s the sexy and that’s totally not creepy territory to think of commercial exploiting the developing sexuality of teenage boys.
    • The emphasis on the physical characteristics of the complainant and the dismissal because it wasn’t made by someone who qualifies in the narrow interpretation of “the sexy”.
      • I sure as hell am not the sexy (do not take this as a call to tell me I am. I’m not. My spine supports loads and it can’t form S, and I have internal organs. I am not the sexy)
      • I sure as hell am complaining about the sexy
      • I sure as hell had my complaints and my opinions dismissed by Misty Lee’s sweeping generalised statement.
        • Wow. My opinion invalidated and made invisible.
        • You know, I have a really snarky comment to make here about the fact that’s not supposed to happen to me, since I’m male and privileged. I just won’t get to be able to put the right level of dripping sarcasm on a text medium.
        • I will say, one of the beneficial aspects of this gig is experiences like this, where I’m made to feel invisible or discredited or non existent. It helps with the reality check in the rest of my white male power privileged life. I know what I feel here is nothing compared to what people go through in their lives, but as a “hey, Steve, keep it in check and keep it in mind”, it’s a good reminder. When something like privilege is is so pervasive, I get to see it by its absence more than its presence. Right here, right now, this debate? Male voices don’t even seem to get a courtesy STFU, let alone the rebuttal that’s aimed at the female voices.

    Well. I hope I pass the audition. Thanks to Thomwade for the post o’ membership recruiting and to all the people who’ve said I could be part of the club, and whoever it was who was brave enough to transcribe that section.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to rock the suburbs to regain some lost ground.

    Apply for membership in the club by stating your claim here at the G-W forum

4 Responses to “Apparently, all us comic book critics who critise “the sexy” look the same.”

  1. Nacey says:

    I’ve been told I’m rather easy on the eyes and I hate that particular brand of ‘sexy’ too. Misty is clearly talking from her trunk.

  2. Oracle says:

    Huntress’ amazing navel vagina!

    I live to serve, and luckily Ami linked it recently.

    BTW, I messed with your css to make your links stop doing that thing. It was bugging me.

  3. Stephen Dann says:

    @Nacey – Misty is an Ent?

    @Oracle – I am once again in your debt

  4. Benel Germosen says:

    I’m an ugly fat girl now? Apparently I am, seeing as I’ve complained about some of the crap that’s been going on in comics. Means I’m an ugly fat girl. That has to be it. e_e.

    And I liked Misty Lee man. Her show was awesome. Jeez.

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